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Universe Sandbox
  • Developer: Giant Army
  • Genre: Sandbox, Space Simulation, PhysicsScience
  • Version: 27.2
User Rating: Rating 4.73

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Release Date
24 Aug, 2015
Giant Army
Giant Army
Sandbox, Space Simulation, PhysicsScience
Windows PC


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Jarred Miller

Universe Sandbox Windows is a sandbox game that allows players to create and manipulate a simulated universe. It was originally called Universe Sandbox free download, but name was changed to Universe Sandbox unblocked a few years ago to avoid a trademark issue. It’s a 3D space simulator that provides a multitude of real physics and astrophysics to create a self-consistent galaxy. 

The user can create any star, planet, moon, or galaxy and then watch them evolve. Program includes a sandboxed galaxy, a solar system, a range of objects to include planets, stars, galaxies, a visualizer. Player can control the movement of player and movement of camera. Player control the forces acting on the objects in product. Player can change time of day, rotation of earth, orbit of earth, tilt of earth. I for anyone who is interested in mysteries of Universe. 

It simulates physics of Universe Sandbox online free, including gravity, light, temperature, more. Features the ability to explore world at any scale, from galaxy clusters to individual planets. It takes player through cosmos, showing an accurate simulation of the Milky Way Galaxy and universe. Gameplay is very simple. It’s a sandbox game with all the open space you could ask for. It’s a product that is intended to be studied and learned from.


Graphics are what you would expect from a 3D space simulator. Graphics are not the best, but they are not terrible either. Most of time, the graphics do what is needed. Graphics create a sense of realism, which allows user to feel as if they are actually in space. The graphics in this product are not breathtaking or anything, but they are good enough for the game to be played. 

Game is not designed to be an aesthetically pleasing game to just look at, but rather to explore the universe and galaxy in a sandbox environment. Graphics in free Universe Sandbox are superb. They show Milky Way Galaxy and the universe in all its glory. The graphics are extremely realistic, all of stars are accurate. This product is an accurate representation of the universe, and it’s breathtaking.


Gameplay mostly consists of a sandbox mode. There are a number of different sandboxes that player can create. User can adjust the type of star, what planets they want, and what size galaxy should be. User create a solar system and watch it evolve. Gameplay of the download Universe Sandbox game is relatively simple, so it’s very easy for newcomers to learn. 

Game features a user-friendly menu system, which includes a tutorial for first-time players. There are several different games to play, some of which are more complex than others. Gameplay of Universe Sandbox apk is simple. Product is meant to be studied and analyzed, so player is given all freedom they need. Player can zoom in on any star, planet, or galaxy. They can even zoom in on an individual planet. This game is designed to be played in a slow manner, but it’s addictive.


There is no multiplayer, but it would be interesting to see if the product could be made into an MMO.


This game has infinite replayability, especially for those that love space. It’s great for those that want to learn about. Replayability of Universe Sandbox game depends on what the player is looking for. Some players will enjoy game for its educational value, while others might find it boring. Replayability in Universe Sandbox Mac is high. It’s a game that player can spend hours on, getting lost in amazing graphics and depth of game. With no time limit, this product is always fun.


  • Where can I buy Universe Sandbox free play?
    Is available for purchase on Steam, Humble Store and on the developer's website.

  • Where can I learn more about play Universe Sandbox and its updates?
    You can find out all useful information about the game on our website same as play game for free.

  • What is minimum system requirement to run?
    Is available for Windows and Mac computers on Windows 7 and up, on Mac OSX 10.7 and up. Game requires a graphics card that supports at least OpenGL 3.3 or DirectX 11.


Universe Sandbox PC is a simulation game where players can create and shape their own Solar System, galaxy, or even galaxy cluster. Game offers an interactive 3D simulation of physical laws of Universe, with ability to change scale of time space to observe how Universe changes. Is an educational simulation game that lets you explore, test, and create anything you can think of. It’s a lot of fun to explore and test out different things to see how they work. It’s very detailed and realistic. It’s very hard to get started because there is no tutorial. I recommend this product to people who like exploring and experimenting with things.


  • Graphics and sound effects are great;
  • Game is very detailed and realistic;
  • There is a lot of things to explore and do;
  • It’s pretty addicting and fun;
  • There is an online community that you can share your creations with;
  • It’s available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • Some of controls are hard to get used to;
  • It’s very glitchy and can be quite frustrating;
  • There is no tutorial so you have to figure things out on your own.

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